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Actual Conversation…

Quintin: http://girlzdestruct.com/about/trinelin/
Ted: what about her?
Quintin: she’s hawt.
Quintin: to trot.
Ted: meh
Quintin: you’re very critical of your swedish brethren.
Ted: i’ve been there, comparitivly, she’s not all that
Ted: or however you spell that word
Quintin: hahaha
Quintin: that’s cool, tho.;
Ted: don’t get e wrong, she’s attractive but her bio’s a bit off-putting
Ted: mentions her boyfriend a few times
Ted: come on man, at least t s pretend we have a shot…
Quintin: isn’t a man’s job to unboyfriend a girl?
Ted: *t s = let us
Ted: no
Ted: should respect the dude she’s dating and secretly wish him to die
Quintin: oh. gotcha. that’s a good point.
Ted: i get one a day
Quintin: that’s awesome. that’s something blog about, no?
Ted: meh
Quintin: k

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