No Sleep makes Ted Go Something Something

So I’ve been having these issues with my legs cramping up when I get tired.  It’s something that’s been bothering me off and on ever since I was a little kid, but it’s gotten worse and worse over the last few years.  Recently though, it’s been seriously affecting my (and Jen’s) sleep the last 4-5 days as my legs have been twitching uncontrollably for hours.  I finally got sick and tired of it yesterday and went in to see my doctor.  While I was going down that track, Jen was doing some research at WebMD and discovered that I might have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  We’ve thought this for a while, and when we were up at my folks’ house over the Holidays, we found out that my dad has RLS as well.

After sitting almost an hour in the waiting room, (thanks Kaiser!) I got weighed and sat in the exam room for a few minutes until the doctor came in.  I described the symptoms and he recommended that I start taking iron supplements as well as the magnesium supplements that I’ve been taking for a few months.  He also had me get some blood drawn (I HATE NEEDLES) so they could run some tests. 

His initial thought is that it isn’t RLS, because my leg spasms/twitches are involuntary rather than me consciously moving them to aleive the discomfort.  That aside, I’m eagerly awaiting the test results so I can figure out what the hell’s wrong with me.  I’d really love to get a good night’s sleep here soon as it’s been almost a week of four-or-so hours per night of sleep interspersed with getting out of bed and watching TV on the couch.

On the plus side, I’ve gotten to watch the first two DVDs of Scrubs Season One, one of the greatest shows on TV that I’ve never really watched on a regular basis.  That has changed and has been added to my TiVo to record.

With that said though, I’d rather be asleep…

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5 thoughts on “No Sleep makes Ted Go Something Something

  1. Welcome to the club of twitchy leg people. My sister and I have both had bouts with this the last couple of years. It hits me more when I’m overly stressed or haven’t had enough sleep which then causes me to have even less sleep. Go figure… Hope you get it worked out!

  2. Hope it works for you. I have an annoying habit of needing to crack my toes at night which drives Angela nuts. Getting old and achy and creaky sucks.

    I was listening to Dr. Dean on the way to a customer job last week and he was talking about a study that apparently confirms that our brains may naturally be oriented to bi-modal sleep (two chunks where you wake up in between). It is probably to fend off those nasty predators, thanks to artificial light, the advent of the handgun, and locking doors, I guess we don’t really need that anymore, but it’s still wired up in our primitive noggins. So, waking up in th middle of the night may be nautural, but waking up because you hurt still isn’t.

    Hang in there!

  3. You sat at Kaiser for an hour because you showed when you scheduled your appoitment! Man never do that! They won’t take you off the list until after you are 15 minutes late. So show up a few minutes after the appoitment and you can cut your wate time by at least 10-15.

    Oh and go in the morning. People are lazy. No ones goes in the morning.

    Next time I go futzing around with the Kaiser strategy for scheduling I’ll be sure to have them program in the TED rule.

  4. Damn that sucks man. My girls wake up at least once a week with leg cramps and we have to put an aromatic thingy in the microwave and that usually helps. I hope you can get some sleep soon.

  5. Sorry about the sleepless nights Ted. Nothing worse than “some” sleep. You are just draggin most of the next day. I love Scrubs too..awesome show. Hope the results are favorable.

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