It’s a Girl!

Asha (pronounced "ah-sha") Jayaswal (forever forward referred to as "AJ") was born yesterday at 5:15 PM Pacific.  Eight pounds, four ounces in weight, 19.5 inches tall and a 14-inch-around head for those keeping score at home.

Kishore didn’t have too long to talk, but according to our conversation, AJ is doing very well, latched to her mommy immediately and is, so far, a very calm and happy baby.

I’m really super-excited for Kishore and Amy, his wife, as they had some issues conceiving that I really don’t feel is my place to discuss.  Suffice it to say that AJ is sort of a "miracle baby."  Kishore has been one of my very best friends since we met 12 years ago and he and Amy are very much members of my family.

Congrats brother!  I couldn’t be more happy if it was my own child.  All my love to you and yours.

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