The end of Nigerian Spam?

According to a Reuters article, Nigeria is considering passing a law making email spamming illegal.


Here’s a clip:
Under the bill, which has to be approved by the National
Assembly to become law, convicted spammers face jail terms of
three to five years and could also be made to hand the proceeds
of crime to the government.

"Any person spamming electronic messages to recipients with
whom he has no previous relationship commits an offence," said
a section of the draft law obtained by Reuters on Wednesday. 

I’m sure you’ve received at least one Nigerian spam message if you use email.  It usually starts with a statement apologizing for intruding on your time, a sob story describing some sort of death of a government official with tons of money in the bank and goes on from there.  More people than you would think have fallen for it and it’s a scourge that has been plaguing the internet for a few years now.

Do I think this is a good idea?  Hells yes, I do.
Do I think this will change anything?  Hells no, I don’t.

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Categories: phishing, spoofing