The Colbert Report, that’s French Bitch!


Start watching the Colbert Report right now.  Today.  Can’t stay up to watch something at 11:30?  Set your VCR/TiVO/PVR or whatever and WATCH THIS SHOW!  I laughed so hard at last night’s permiere episode, Jen got mad at me ’cause she thought I was going to wake up CJ.  Don’t believe me?  Want to see a clip?  Click here.

Or, you could just take me for my word and watch it.  You’ll laugh, I can feel it in my gut.

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3 thoughts on “The Colbert Report, that’s French Bitch!

  1. Comedy Central is on basic cable Linc. If you don’t get Comedy Central, you should contact your local cable provider and tell them to get off their lazy asses and get it!

  2., our basic is VERY basic. Like 20 channels or so. Then there is Standard, and Extended. Standard would have CC. Hey man, we’re the South..we just watch Andy Griffth and NASCAR.

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