Kicking the tires a bit…

Tucson Right Front

Jen and I went out to look at the Hyundai Tucson again last night in the color/interior we wanted to get a feel for it before we started negotiations with the dealer.  This is the 4WD model of the Tucson we want, but we’ll be getting the 2WD version.

I’m really happy with the decision, I like the color and the car drives very well when I took it out for a test drive (see last post) last weekend.

After taking a look at the car and getting a feel for the price, we went over to Tom and Michelle’s place to visit for a little bit.  CJ and Lane got to spend some quality time together as well while Tom and I watched the Sharks game on TiVO, or at least tried to…  Here’s a picture of CJ and Lane playing:

CJ waving to Lane

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