D&D Encounters Week Seven: The Big Orb

I missed a week’s post (Week Five) and had to miss last week’s game to stay home with the girls since Jen was healing from some out-patient surgery so I apologize for the both of you who are reading this for updates…

Week seven began with us opening a door with no keyhole with a magic key.  There was a staircase leading up to a large room (50 feet by 50 feet at least) with a large emblem on the floor.  Once we entered the room the door slammed shut and was sealed by some sort of magic that prevented us from leaving.  As soon as the door slammed shut a huge 10 foot by 10 foot orb appeared in the middle of the room and it was time to roll for initiative.  After that got sorted out it was time to take out the Orb that was flame resistant which precluded me from casting my Daily (can only cast once per gaming “day”) Flaming Sphere spell but I did pick up a Staff of the Apprentice which added +1 to any implement-used attack (most of them since I’m a Wizard), this came in handy because I was a spell-casting fool (again, I’m a Wizard so I spend the overwhelming amount of the time waaaaaay in the back using the rest of the adventuring party as a meat shield to soak up damage that I might otherwise take.  Also I’m of an evil alignment so, you know, why not take advantage of that…)  Well, sir, that didn’t do me much good because the Orb was pretty much a ranged-attack kind of creature.  After some very good attacks, and quite a few bloodied adventurers (myself included), we were finally able to get the Orb itself into a bloodied state at which point it cracked open and out emerged an Eladrin (kind of like an Elf) who begged us to finish it off before the spell that was affecting it caused it to teleport and start attacking us again.

We fought bravely and finally finished it off.  After she died, her ghostly lover (?) gave it a final kiss and she shuffled off this mortal coil after whispering [redacted].  I put two and two together and spoke that name plus [redacted] and [something pretty cool] happened.

I decided to loot the body and found an amulet that was shaped like a pyramid with seven diamonds on it. I was able to determine that it was a [redacted] and one of my cohorts opened it and we also determined that it was worth around 100 gold if we were to sell it at market, which I don’t think I’ll do as it may be worth more to me if I keep it.  That said, I am evil, so we’ll see…

Beyond the gameplay, the group of eight Adventurers and the DM, Wes, had a good time throwing one-liners out when appropriate and, in my case, not so appropriate, and discussing geeks things like comic books and Star Trek DS9.  The fun vibe was great this week and I enjoy the folks I play with as much as the game itself, I really hope that after this 12-week run is over, we’ll find some way to continue playing.  Wednesdays can’t come soon enough!

(Fittingly, the post about an orb is post #360 on this site. Hooray for happy coincidences!)

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  1. found a group that does encounters in CO springs… they said that they were behind though, so I’m worried I’m going to meta-game them into the ground. At-least the cowboy lives on for a little while longer.

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