D&D Encounters Week Four: Into the Portal we go!

So, week four of D&D Encounters and this one was a battle encounter.  We first met an Imp who, thanks to my Arcana skills and others’ skills checks got us some information from the Imp about the portal he was standing over and the Master’s Apprentice who lived therein.  After we got some more information from the Imp the earth shook and he awakened some stone sculptures and the battle began.

My wizard and our group’s psion stayed in the back while our attackers (all five of them, plus two animal companions) pressed forth in battle.  It was a pretty tough encounter and everyone but myself was at least bloodied (reduced to half or less of their hit points) and I was struck for some pretty good damage by a collapsing cavern ceiling as well.  It was only because of a lucky roll of the dice that I, myself, wasn’t bloodied by the collapse.  (For the record, my deftness spared me 10 damage and I took only five.)  Turns out, that was my only lucky roll and I spent the rest of the encounter causing minimal damage including an Encounter-level spell that took six of a possible 20.  (2 D8 +4, I rolled two ones)

That said, I did pretty well for myself and our group of brave adventurers emerged victorious, delving into the portal that opened due to the tremors leading us into the Apprentice’s lair.

I’m really looking forward to the next eight weeks’ worth of games but it’s another two at least until we can get an extended rest and recover spells, hit points and daily-level actions.

Stay tuned!

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