Fantasy Football, the first draft of two…

So, I’m in two Fantasy Football Leagues this year, one with some college friends and another with a group of friends from a message board I’m part of.

I did the draft for the latter league a while ago, we’ve got 16 players in two divisions and it was a hell of a draft since I had #11 then #6 pick in alternating rounds so I didn’t get to pick everyone I would have liked. Here’s my lineup:

Round 1: LaDainian Tomlinson (SD Chargers RB) (There’s no way I should have gotten him with the #11 pick but I’m not complaining)

Round 2: Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle Seahawks QB)

Round 3: LenDale White (Tennessee Titans RB)

Round 4: Dallas Clark ( Indianapolis Colts TE) (I seem to get this guy in every draft and he’s a good pick)

Round 5: Hines Ward (Pittsburgh Steelers WR)

Round 6: Julius Jones (Seattle Seahawks WR) (If Hasselbeck does well, hopefully it’ll be with Jones!)

Round 7: NY Giants Defense

Round 8: Nate Burleson (Seattle Seahawks WR)

Round 9: Isaac Bruce (SF 49ers WR) (if he can stay healthy, I’ve got high hopes)

Round 10: Justin Gage (Tennessee Titans WR)

Round 11: T.J. Duckett (Seattle Seahawks RB)

Round 12: Fred Taylor (NE Patriots RB)

Round 13: John Carney (NO Kicker)

Round 14: Cleveland Browns Defense

Round 15: Jeff Garcia ( QB Oakland Raiders) (I hate the Raiders, but love Garcia)

Round 16: Amani Toomer (WR KC Chiefs)

All said, not too bad a draft. I know I’m pretty heavy on the Seahawks and I hope that it doesn’t wind up biting me in the butt, but it is what it is at this point…

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