Today, I’m Embarassed to be a Californian

Proposition 8 has passed. Not officially, but with 99.5% of the ballots read and a 400,000+ vote margin, it’s a done deal. Nail in the coffin of equality for all to marry.

What really pisses me off is the completely underhanded way the “pro-traditional marriage” people spun the issue, that they’d start teaching gay “butt sex” marriage in our schools and forcing our kids to know how dudes got it on.

Really? REALLY?!

Fucking liars.

Look, Prop 8 would actually amend the California State Constitution so it’s what would make changes, not the other way around. This leads me to a (rhetorical) question: Are they teaching our kids about gay “butt sex” in our schools now? No? Really? Why he hell are they arguing that point then?

Fucking liars.

Let’s call a spade a spade here, shall we? They want Prop 8 to pass because they don’t like “the Gays.” That’s what it’s all about, so don’t lie. “Homosexuality is an abomination towards God.” Really? There are so many counter-arguments I could make but won’t. I’ll just make mention of the wishes of our Founding Fathers, the separation of Church and State. You keep your religious views out of my government-funded whatever and I’ll keep my government-funded whatever out of your church. Deal? No?

Fucking hypocrites.

I am ashamed of California, and ashamed to call myself a Californian today. I should be dancing around like a fool today, what with Barack Obama’s election as President, but I’m not. I feel dirty because ignorant, bigoted fools don’t want to share marriage with “the Gays.”


7 thoughts on “Today, I’m Embarassed to be a Californian

  1. I’m with you. It makes me sick to think about Californians voting yes on Prop 8. Last night on the train, as I read the official results of the Presidential race, I was filled with joy, hopeful – I felt like I got my country back and I felt proud to be an American (for the first time in 8 years). Then I read the early returns from the California polls and I felt sick. I quickly turned back to the national news to try to keep that good feeling just a bit longer. I’m clinging to the fact that at least the county I live in voted No on 8 … but that just wasn’t enough.

  2. I totally agree Ted. I am a bit ashamed to say I am a Californian. What the hell were they thinking?! I am so elated about Obama’s win and this just put a damper on that elation. You hit it on the nose when you said that they just don’t like the gays. That is what this is all about. It just makes me sick!

  3. @rchennau Civil liberties is a bit of a loaded term. Why don’t we focus on something less subjective. How about social security benefits? Is that specific enough for you? While it’s true that homosexuals still have domestic partnerships status, the legal recognition stops at the California border. Social security, federal income tax and medicare do not recognize “civil union” or “domestic partnerships.” There is no federal substitue for “marriage.” Was that specific enough?

  4. Yeah, the passing of Prop 8 is disappointing, but it certainly didn’t win by a landslide like the animal rights proposition did. That indicates a lot of support for gay marriage and equal rights. That means a lot of people getting it, people who will continue talking it up to the people who don’t get it and eventually easing them into the reality that gay marriage is here to stay. Change is inevitable. 😉

  5. @lantzilla agreed. The fight should be taken to the federal level so federal benefits can extended to those in a civil union. It is time we stop fighting over the crumbs in California and go after the table steaks at the Fed level.

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