Getting Acquainted With: Part 1

I’ve got a pretty good musical library. Not as good as, say, Tom‘s or Gene‘s, but it’s pretty good. I’ve got several hundred CDs (mostly ska) scattered throughout the house and on my MP3 players.

That said, I’ve got some pretty big holes in my collection that, thanks to Tom and Gene’s Musical Playground (c)(tm) I’m going to try to fill.

This week it’s The Pixies. I’m, of course, familiar with them and some of their songs (Wave of Mutilation, Where is My Mind, There Goes Your Man), but don’t know their library. This will change over the course of the next week and I’ll have a report here for you. Stay tuned.

Oh, if you have any suggestions on bands I should add to my Getting Acquainted With List, leave me a comment!

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