Legionnaires’ Disease

Older picture, but still...

My mom calls me yesterday from the hospital telling me that they think she has Legionnaires’ disease. Personally, I knew very little about the disease but did some research and now feel like I know more about the issue.

She’s in pretty good spirits and they’ve got her on IV antibiotics, but they’re still not 100% sure what she has, so they’re calling it “atypical pneumonia.” They running a culture on her sputum and will know for sure when those results come in, hopefully today.

I’m flying up to Seattle to drive up to their place on Friday, she says she should be home by then, to spend the weekend with her and my dad.

Keep her in your thoughts for me, but when caught early, it’s really not terrible dangerous.

Still, it’s (allegedly) Legionnaires’ Fucking Disease! when my mom gets sick, she doesn’t mess around, she goes balls out!

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  1. Well keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. I’m sure visiting with you will make her feel much better. 🙂

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