$459,950.00 Update 07/05/07

Our agent had a broker open house today (where only realtors/agents look at the house) and the risk she took (showing the house the day after a holiday) paid off as we had 22 realtors/agents come and take a look at the house! She told us that we might expect 10-15 on an average day but there’d be a risk that they’d have taken the day off today for the holiday yesterday.

She told Jen that the house showed very well with only one “issue.” We’ve got a chip in the porcelain in our sink in the kitchen and need to fix that. We’ve got the repair kit to do so, we’d just not fixed it yet.

If that’s the worst of our issues, we’re in GREAT shape for our Open (to the public) House on Sunday the 8th from 1:30 – 4:30!!!

Looks like the house is up on realtor.com, only without any pictures yet. Here’s a link: CLICKY.

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