Looking for Suggestions

Wednesday is my and Jen’s 9-year wedding anniversary. The traditional gift is pottery and the “new” gift is leather. We’re trying to keep this on the cheap, so I need some suggestions that’ll keep me off of the couch.

Comments are not only welcomed, they’re encouraged!

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3 thoughts on “Looking for Suggestions

  1. A weekend getaway to Monterey area/ Las Vegas? How about an overnight cruise/sunset dinner cruise in SF bay? Some homemade special pie/dessert? If you collect anniversary cards like I do, writing down that special dinner and/or movie etc on the card– I think it’ll be fun to read years later.

  2. If keeping with the traditional gifts – how about a new watch, with leather straps. Or, does she love shoes ?
    You could get her a great pair of earrings or necklace – diamonds or a heart shaped pendant.
    Plant a tree in your yard, and watch it grow as your relationship grows.

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