In Which I Delcare My Undying Love for Chai

Recently, I’ve been on a Chai Tea kick. There’s something about the warm scent and spicy flavor of the stuff. With or without milk, but always with some sugar to sweeten it up slightly, I’m really enjoying the stuff. Now, I just need to find some good Chai. I’m positive that the Tazo stuff I’m drinking pales in comparison to the real deal, straight from Asia stuff.

Any suggestions on stuff I should try? Mail order stuff, store bought stuff, whatever. I want to experience good Chai. Feel free to leave a comment with any/all suggestions, just be careful about leaving too many links or you’ll get filtered as comment spam…

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One thought on “In Which I Delcare My Undying Love for Chai

  1. Amy’s got some faves, but I can’t remember which ones. My mom makes a good home-made brew. Remember Chai=Tea so Chai Tea means Tea-Tea…..

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