Like Microwave Popcorn?

Like saving money?

Do the following:

  1. Get 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels
  2. Get 2 tsp of Olive Oil
  3. Get 1/4 tsp of popcorn salt (very finely-ground salt, if you have a salt grinder, make very fine salt)
  4. Combine above in a lunchbag-sized brown paper bag

Fold the top of the bag securely (or staple if you’re so inclined) and shake the bag to mix everything up, you’ll want to make sure you’ve thoroughly covered the kernels with the oil. Toss in the microwave and cook until you don’t hear any popping for about five seconds or so. Empty the bag into a bowl (the oil will soak into the paper bag something fierce but won’t make a mess in your microwave), top with butter if you’re so inclined, and enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Like Microwave Popcorn?

  1. I love sprinkling grated parmesan cheese over the popcorn. Mmmmm, cheese… (sorry, had a Homer Simpson moment). 🙂

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