HEROES vs. 24, which to watch?

Damn you TV gods! Why would you do this to me? I’m a good little viewer, I suckle at the cathode ray nipple nightly, I’m a good little consumer too!

Why would you put HEROES and 24 up against each other? Why must I decide which to watch while the other is recording?

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5 thoughts on “HEROES vs. 24, which to watch?

  1. Ah… the sweet pleasure of having a dual tuner. Why choose between two hot shows when you can have both! Sorry dude. I actually had to make a choice myself. I can only record one show in HD on my computer while the other records in SD… but WAIT! I just remembered the TIVO in the bedroom is recording Heros in HD!! Whoot whoot!…

  2. I think that Richard just used the same computer as Regina to post a comment on Ted’s blog, and it auto filled her name.

    Q, I couldn’t agree more.

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