Emergency Kit: Do You Have One?

In light of the whole James Kim tragedy, I thought I’d check the emergency kit I keep in my car.

I have the following in my car for emergency purposes:

-Water Purification Tablets
-Silver Thermal Reflective Blanket
-Swiss Armk Knife with Fork and Spoon
-Pack of (Antiseptic) Alcohol and Iodine Wipes
-Sharper Image ToolLogic (Has a blade and a can/bottle opener in a credit card-sized form)
-3 12-inch Velcro Straps
-Various sized Adhesive Bandages
-Emergency Whistle (Maybe the most important thing here)
-Emergency Food Rations
-9 Four ounce emergency water packets
-2 One-Quart Plastic Zip-Top Bags
-AM/FM Radio with four AA Batteries
-2 Spare AA Batteries
-1 CYALUME 12-Hour Lightstick
-1 Mini MagLight with 2 AA Batteries
-1 Carabiner 150-pound load bearing
-1 Digital Watch
-1 Plastic Poncho
-1 Pair Spare Eyeglasses in Hard Case
-1 Fannypack-style pouch for holding the above
-1 Fleece Blanket


I also need some items for my kit, including replacing the emergency food and water as they’ve recently expired:

-Waterproof Matches and/or Lighter
-Emergency Strobe Light
-Collapsible Canteen
-Pre-Mixed Kool-Aid Packets (Quick supply of energy from the sugar and covers the taste of the Water Purification Tablets)
-Flint and Steel

So, what’s in your emergency kit? Do you even have one? If not, why not?

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3 thoughts on “Emergency Kit: Do You Have One?

  1. We don’t keep one in the car at all times but if we are going to travel somewhere, we would take one. I don’t think we would need one on a daily basis. I do carry a small first aid kit in the car at all times along with a roadside kit.

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