We don’t deserve TV this good…


In what would normally be a season, if not series, finale, tonight’s Battlestar Galactica was one of the finest hours of TV I’ve seen in a very long time. Was this a season or series finale? Nope, episode four of a (I think) 20-part season.

If you’re not a fan of the show, shame on you. It’s sooooo beyond just Sci-Fi. Just like Tom’s post about HEROES from yesterday, this is a show that doesn’t care if you’re a techie, geek or sci-fi nerd (for the record, I fall under all three). If you’re a fan of well-produced well-acted drama, you’re going to get a lot from this show. Do yourself a favor and start watching. Next week would be an excellent starting-off point for the “newbies.” I’ll fill you in on the backstory…

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  1. I gotta agree with you Ted. I sat down when this series started (as a mini-series) just to see what it was about. I found myself instantly hooked–when it was over I was pissed. Great writing and great acting.

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