Too… Much… Sugar!

Damn my sweet tooth! I was craving sweet yesterday so on my way home I stopped off at the Quicky Mart and got some candy. One of those lik-em-ade’s, a Butterfinger and a (King Size) Pay Day. I then ate them all in one sitting. That was bad.

I woke up around midnight or so and ran directly to the bathroom and, uh, purged the candy. I did not sleep well the rest of the night and kept waking up sick to my stomach and having the cold sweats. Not good times.

Caley is diabetic and was kind enough to explain to me what I did to my body and that my sugar levels were probably so high that I was producing crazy amounts of insulin.

So, lesson learned. I no longer have a sweet tooth and doubt that I will for some time…

You may begin the making-fun-of-Ted now…

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