Yeah… Let me know how that works out for you…

Got the following email in our Support mailbox asking us to join the class-action lawsuit:

I am writing you today to ask that you get involved in a Class Action Lawsuit to stop the abuse and blackmail perpetrated by a vigilante organization known as Spamhaus and run by Steve Linford.
We have talked to many ISPs and hosting companies and the consensus is basically the same. ISPs are tired of being blackmailed and bullied by this group of thugs and we propose to put an end to it by filing a Lawsuit. The defendants in this lawsuit will be


2. Steve Linford

3. Companies that use and support Spamhaus.

4. ISPs that unjustly shut or refuse service based on Spamhaus direction.

As you may already know Spamhaus just lost an 11.7 million dollar lawsuit filed by they have refused to abide by the federal court order and will be soon held in contempt. If you are using Spamhaus you may be exposing your company to huge liability as they do not follow any law in their blacklisting and Steve Linford uses his position to abuse his list as a weapon for personal vendettas.

1. Spamhaus lists sites, IPs and ISPs that are not spamming.

2. Steve Linford uses his blacklists to enrich himself and for personal vendettas

3. Steve Linford owns a hosting company UXN.COM which is a direct conflict of interest in operating his illegal blacklist

4. Steve Linford Ignores United States courts and laws

5. Steve Linford Blackmails ISPs by listing IPs of innocents in order to get them to comply with whatever he asks.

6. The same list Spamhaus misrepresents as their SBl is freely available at [URL deleted by Ted] (without the blackmail)

7. Steve Linford has no regard for free speech and puts sites on his list solely for speaking out about him to repress the growing Anti-spamhaus movement.

One only needs to log into [URL deleted by Ted] to see the absolute nonsense that goes on there and Steve Linford banging his chest and bragging he can shut down any site or host in the world.
Regardless of the fight against spam there is no place on the internet for one man to decide who has a website and who does not.

If you are Interested in more information and updates as we progress please send an email to [Email address deleted by Ted] and we will add you to our confidential list.
At the very least if your tired of this kind of blackmail, do not bow to the Illegal actions of Spamhaus and log into [URL delted by Ted] and tell them what you think of their blackmail tactics.
It is time for Spamhaus to go. if you google “Spamhaus Terrorists” and “Spamhaus Judgment” you can read more about what is going on recently.

Thank you for your time
Committee to stop Spamhaus censorship and Blackmail

Yeah, we’ll go right ahead and do that…

2 thoughts on “Yeah… Let me know how that works out for you…

  1. Hi,

    I would have to agree. Spamhaus is able to do whatever they want and they don’t care who they hurt. After almost a month the colo where I have my servers was able to get the block off of my server, but I never sent any spam. From what Spamhaus said they wanted them to remove several other servers. I would like to see spamhaus shutdown.

  2. Yeah I agree, Spamhaus shut my spam business down without giving me any warning. I was right in the middle of a 1 million spam run, it cost me a lot of money. I had to move to another host and start the spam run again. Then they shut me down again! They are anti-business and it’s illegal! There’s no law that says I can’t spam so it’s illegal to interfere with spamming!

    It’s also true that Spamhaus do not respect United States laws! They claim that because they are in Europe they don’t have to, but that’s not true! Our laws override Europe’s laws so just because they are in Europe is no excuse to not obey United States laws that allow spamming. We spammers must all unite in a class action suit against Spamhaus! If we file it in the USA we can file anonymously so we don’t have to expose our real names, then we can get US Marshals to go over to Europe and arrest the Spamhaus guys. Then we can get on with spamming without problems.

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