Sample Support Call of the Day

Ted: Help desk, this is Ted.

Caller: Hi! I’m not a customer of yours and you’ve never heard of me, but I have a question.

T: Go ahead, I’ll see what I can do.

C: I sent an email a year ago and I need to find it.

T: OK, what program were you using to send the message?


T: (SHUDDER) OK, did you use Outlook or Netscape to send the message or did you use AOL?

C: I sent it using AOL.

T: OK, did you use their web-based client or was it from an email client?

C: The web-based client.

T: I was afraid you’d say that. If you’d used their web-based client, the message is on their server.

C: Well, I saw on TV that people could get onto someone’s computer and find things like this.

T: Well, that’s true, if you’d used something like Outlook or Netscape, we might be able to help you find it. Since you used their web-based client, you’d have to contact them.

C: Here’s the deal: I really need that email. I’ve got a pending lawsuit and it’s vital that I have that message and AOL only keeps copies of sent messages for 30 days.

T: Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. Sorry.

C: Don’t be, you’ve given me somewhere to start. *sigh* I guess I’ll call AOL now.

T: *chuckle* Allright, well, good luck with that!

C: Yeah, thanks anyway!

T: No problem, thanks for calling!

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