So, do you like the new look?

I’ve updated the theme for the site to K2 (just like Tom already did; I am a sheep) with a Blue-K2 scheme. I’m going to be tweaking a bit of the CSS stuff to make it more to my likings, but that’s another job for another day.

What do you think? Do you like this look or do you think that I should go back to the older version? Personally, even without the planned tweaks, I really like this look and the slider on the top of the page is pretty kick-ass!

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2 thoughts on “So, do you like the new look?

  1. Yeah, the slider is pretty kick ass… as long as you don’t use IE6.

    Should I take offense to the line “(just like Tom, I am a sheep)?” Either you intended to say that you are a sheep because you are copying me, or you intended to call both of us sheep. Which is it huh?

    Personally, I don’t dig the Flickr badge, but the look of the site is cool. I’d say that you should spend some time tweaking it so that it isn’t the generic theme. You may want to spend some time finding a CSS editor that you like. Gene and Lance would both use Notepad, but you and me are newbs and need help. I’ve been digging TopStyle.

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