Testing Windows Live Writer (Beta)

I’m nothing if not a sheep…

I downloaded the beta version here to see how I like it. I’m also interested in trying out BlogJet, which Tom swears by.


I hit the upload button and it spat out an error at me but the post was submitted. Ah well, they don’t call it “beta” for nothing…

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2 thoughts on “Testing Windows Live Writer (Beta)

  1. While on the subjects of blogging clients, you might want to check out Qumana. http://www.qumana.com/

    I’m a former blogjet user, and started to move to a more Mac friendly client about 6 months ago, since I knew I wanted to buy a Mac. Qumana works fine on my PC, I’ve yet to really try it on the Mac.

    Can’t complain, the price is right.


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