How does one, exactly, clog a urinal?

How do you clog a urinal?

Explain to me please, how does someone clog a urinal? I see the toliet paper in there, and it doesn’t go away, but why would somebody do that?

The plunger, for obvious reasons, won’t clear this out. I’m NOT sticking my hand in there. Who the hell uses TP in a urinal? Two or three shakes or (in some cases) a tug should get everything out, right? Right?

Well, at least we’ve got a second option in the office. I’m still unsure why the hell someone would use TP in a urinal though…


After finding some rubber gloves, I was able to remove the offending TP and the urinal is now back up and running. I still am VERY curious as to why someone would use TP in a urinal. Ah well, a question for the ages I guess…

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  1. I am curious as to why, even with gloves, you would put your hand in the urinal to un-clog it. I hate cleaning my own toilets let alone one not in my own house. You are a braver human being than I my man.

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