Spare The Air Day

As I was driving my SUV (in first gear to get the revs up really high, as is my wont) by myself into the office today with the AC cranked, all the windows down and smoking a Cuban cigar, they announced on the radio that today was a Spare the Air day in the Bay Area. “That’s good,” I thought as I passed a school bus with blinking yellow lights (stupid kids trying to cross the street, I almost spilled my Venti Caramel Macchiado swerving to not hit some six year-old), “we need to have more of those around here. The smog is going to get really bad this Summer.”

Parking my car in the lot, I left the engine running and the AC on so that my car isn’t too hot when I go home at 6:00 this evening. (Now, before you get all angry at me, it’s on low. Jeez!)

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5 thoughts on “Spare The Air Day

  1. Don’t forget to stop at McDonald’s drive-thru on the way home for dinner, and I know you like Pepsi instead of Coke, so be sure to stop at Taco Bell’s drive-thru too.

    Oh snap. You need curly fries. You’re so hungry you could eat at Arby’s. Oh well. The wait shouldn’t be as long in the drive-thru because it is a Spare the Air day, so it shouldn’t be so bad.

    Make sure you yell loudly when you place your orders. It helps people that don’t speak English well understand you better.

  2. Some people are easy to understand and just tell it like it is. Others are more abstract and choose sarcasm to express their view. So, Ted…Please help out a dense realist here. Which is it?

  3. No problem. I do, however, in the interest of full disclosure, drive an SUV. It’s a small Hyundai Tucson, but an SUV nonetheless…

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