Memorial Day Weekend

Jen and I had some friends over today for a little BBQ.

We had Lance and Tina, their daughters Jenna, Isabella and Maya, Tom and Michelle and their son Lane, Tina G and her sons Phil, Paul and Samuel, Richard and Regina and their sons Alexander and Ethan, Tony and Paula and their son Nathan as well as Kevin and Tina T and their as-yet-unborn daughter.

As you can see, we had quite a large number of people in our home and it went off very well. I grilled up some burgers, dogs and veggies for the crew and Jen threw down with some delicious pear salad. I (finally) built the table tennis table we got for Christmas in 2004 (slacker!) and some did some childproofing I’ve been meaning to do for the last month or so. Add that to the yard work and mowing and it’s been a very busy weekend.

I’m wrapping up my Sunday night by watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with Tom and Lance and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Then it’s up bright and early Tuesday morning for a Microsoft conference in Sunnyvale.