One year ago today…

CJ and Jen Outside

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Wow, it was a year ago today that I took this picture of my two girls. How time files! CJ’s taking swimming lessons, is finally starting to cruise around the furniture and is chatting up a storm! (Not that we understand 90% of what she’s saying, but still…)

It takes pictures like this to really realize how much time has passed and how far my little girl has gone. I’m going to make this a rather-frequent task: Look up old pics of CJ and reflect on them.

The backstory to this picture is that Jen, CJ and I went to Sycamore Grove in Livermore with our friends Tony and Paula Cao (who have a child of their own now, they weren’t even pregnant when we went for this walk!) and discovered that, just like her daddy, CJ has pollen allergies. Her eyes swelled up and she got rashes all over her because of it. We should go back there soon and get some “after” pictures to go with these “before” ones.