Damn Livermore, what did you eat?

The last month or two, there has been a terrible smell wafting over our building. We have a waste treatment plant about a block from us and apparently, it’s been having some issues with the management of the smells coming from it. Honestly, it smells like, well, shit. I suppose that’s to be expected, that every once in a while you’re going to get a whiff of the city’s, uh, byproducts, but for two freaking months?

Last week a very nice gentleman from the City of Livermore Waste Treatment Department dropped by the office to give us a one-sheet “explanation” of what’s going on… Turns out that the City of Livermore has an “upset stomach.” Yeah, so do I and my coworkers.

Is it sad that I can tell when the residents of Livermore have had eggs for breakfast?

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  1. Using the “Wine Country Since 1849” stationery is not the best idea for this subject matter.

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