Han Shot First (Again)!

Looks like the folks over at Lucasfilm are either:

a) Actually listening to the fans

b) In need of cash

Why, you ask? Because they’re (finally) releasing the original trilogy in it’s original glory. Starting in September of 2006, and only for three months, they’ll be selling the first three Star Wars movies as the originally came out in 1977, 1980 and 1983. Click here for more information.

Looks like they’ve found another way to suck money out of me… I am George Lucas’ bitch.

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One thought on “Han Shot First (Again)!

  1. NO! NO! NO! I am waiting for the the 6 Disk Complete DVD set to finally drop. I am NOT paying any more money for the old set until it is coupled with the last 3 films. And I am prepared to wait FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

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