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So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this site so I thought I’d sort of recap what’s going on in my life:

My Mom’s Cancer: She’s reacting VERY well to her chemo. She had her fifth of six chemo treatments yesterday (6/25/2008). Her doc is very excited about her treatment and doesn’t expect that the cancer will rear its ugly head again. Pure speculation at this point, but he keeps telling her that she’s the “perfect cancer patient.” Mom and Dad are flying down this Saturday to spend a few days with us and (hopefully) baby Lauren. (See below)

Baby #2: Lauren was due 6/21 and it’s now the 26th. If she doesn’t come naturally by June 2nd, we’re going in to induce at 9:00 AM. I’m taking the next three weeks off of work to stay at home with Jen, Claire, and baby Lauren.

I’ve been using Twitter waaaay more than blogging recently so if you wanna see what I’ve been up to, check it out.

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Congrats to Kishore and Amy!

Priya Jayaswal was born at 11:06 PM last night after her mommy’s water broke at 1:00 PM yesterday afternoon.

7 lbs, 10 ozs. 19 3/4 inches tall.

Mommy and baby are doing well according to Amy’s sister.