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Getting Acquainted With: Part 1

I’ve got a pretty good musical library. Not as good as, say, Tom‘s or Gene‘s, but it’s pretty good. I’ve got several hundred CDs (mostly ska) scattered throughout the house and on my MP3 players.

That said, I’ve got some pretty big holes in my collection that, thanks to Tom and Gene’s Musical Playground (c)(tm) I’m going to try to fill.

This week it’s The Pixies. I’m, of course, familiar with them and some of their songs (Wave of Mutilation, Where is My Mind, There Goes Your Man), but don’t know their library. This will change over the course of the next week and I’ll have a report here for you. Stay tuned.

Oh, if you have any suggestions on bands I should add to my Getting Acquainted With List, leave me a comment!

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Another Actual IM Conversation

(5:17:49 PM) Joel: geez, ted, you slacker. it’s only 97 in more liver. it’s 99 here
(5:17:56 PM) Ted: my bad
(5:18:05 PM) Ted: i’ll pump the AC up to high on the car
(5:18:15 PM) Ted: while i leave it running in the lot all day
(5:18:28 PM) Ted: win/win for the environment AND the oil industry
(5:18:58 PM) Joel: that’s because you’re a team player
(5:19:06 PM) Ted: i try
(5:19:19 PM) Ted: brb, gonna start a tire fire
(5:20:35 PM) Joel: 🙂
(5:22:32 PM) Ted: back, sorry. took longer than i thought to fly my private jet to ANWAR
(5:22:50 PM) Joel: exactly

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Greatest. News. Article. EVAR!

Click here and be amazed.

If I had my dad’s credit card and was 13, I might do the same. Then book a flight for a non-extradition country…

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Worldwide Telescope

Got a PC? Wanna see something wicked cool? Check out Microsoft’s Worldwide Telescope. Think Google Earth, only on a galactic scope. I’ve downloaded the Spring Beta on my work machine and have only spent a few minutes checking it out but, damn, it’s cool!

Call Your Mom!

That is all.

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Dear Senators Clinton and Obama

I know you’re both very busy trying to get the nomination for Democratic nominee for President of these United States of America, and I wish you both the best of luck in getting nominated. (I do have a bias, but that’s not germane to this posting, so let’s just let that slide for now, OK?)

I would like to humbly suggest that, once you’ve landed the nomination, you consider General Wesley Clark as your running mate. He’s got 34 years of professional military experience and is untouchable by the right for his military views.

Please, in order to take the White House back from the Republicans, consider General Clark as your running mate. He’s, in my humble opinion, the perfect choice.

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Damn You, Ryan Reynolds!

Oh, he knows why

Guess I won’t need that loan.

*Shaking fist*

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Why I love

A: I love bacon.
B: It’s the smartest (no, seriously, most of the strips are math/programming jokes) web comic on the intertubes.

Check it out. New strips Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Iron Man!

Iron Man!

Kevin from work and I are going to see the new Iron Man movie tonight. Iron Man is, by far, my favorite Marvel Comics character and everything I’ve heard about this movie is good. That said, I’m going into it with my skeptic glasses on so I’m not disappointed. (Star Wars Episode I, I’m looking in your direction!)

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