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I’m gonna be in a comic book!

…well, kinda… This website ( is gonna be featured on page 17 of Bomb Queen IV #3 which is being shipped/ready for purchase TODAY!

Big thanks to Jimmie Robinson who took my simple request and actually turned it into something tangible.

Take a look, my URL will be on the computer screen between the beautiful ladies rubbing oil all over each other. So, yeah, I don’t expect too many people to notice… 😉

God Bless Jimmie Robinson!

Good times!

Yet another “famous” person I’ve spoken to…

While I won’t name names to protect the “innocent” (or in some cases “douchey”) I can say that I just got off the phone with a certain soprano saxophone player you’ve heard of. Might not like him, but you’ve heard of him.

(I should have played some of his music for him to calm him down…)

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Child’s Play Charity

Child's Play

It’s that time again folks! Help the good people over at Penny Arcade help sick kids who can use your help. Spend a few bucks (or more) and buy toys, books, games and more for kids in a Children’s Hospital near you.

This is the fifth year they’ve been doing this and raised over $1 million last year alone in donations and gifts.

Go on, go to the Child’s Play Charity website and do some good!

Judith Regan

Bat-shit insane.

Rupert Murdoch and OJ Simpson I can understand, but Mickey Mantle? What?