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My first lolcat submission

teh matricks

No idea if it’ll make the site, but I thought it was funny…

Happy Birthday Caley!

Here’s wishing Caley a very happy birthday!

Happy Halloween!

I am a huge nerd!

13-0 For week 8

A message board I frequent has a weekly football pick-em that I take part in. It’s pretty simple, pick who you think is going to win in the week’s matchups. I’ve been hovering around the middle of the pack for weeks 1-7 and didn’t expect that to change for week 8. I don’t really pay too much attention and go more with my gut than anything. Stephen Colbert would be proud.

Here were my picks for week 8 (bolded/italicized):

Detroit at Chicago 1:00 PM
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 1:00 PM
Oakland at Tennessee 1:00 PM
Cleveland at St. Louis 1:00 PM
NY Giants at Miami 1:00 PM
Philadelphia at Minnesota 1:00 PM
Indianapolis at Carolina 1:00 PM
Buffalo at NY Jets 4:05 PM
Houston at San Diego 4:05 PM
Jacksonville at Tampa Bay 4:05 PM
New Orleans at San Francisco 4:15 PM
Washington at New England 4:15 PM
Green Bay at Denver 8:30 PM

I went 13 for 13 in my picks moving me from the middle of the pack all the way up to second place! In one week! Yay me!

Happy Birthday Tom!

Bear Porn

You’re all growns up now!

Actual Conversation…

Ted: what about her?
Quintin: she’s hawt.
Quintin: to trot.
Ted: meh
Quintin: you’re very critical of your swedish brethren.
Ted: i’ve been there, comparitivly, she’s not all that
Ted: or however you spell that word
Quintin: hahaha
Quintin: that’s cool, tho.;
Ted: don’t get e wrong, she’s attractive but her bio’s a bit off-putting
Ted: mentions her boyfriend a few times
Ted: come on man, at least t s pretend we have a shot…
Quintin: isn’t a man’s job to unboyfriend a girl?
Ted: *t s = let us
Ted: no
Ted: should respect the dude she’s dating and secretly wish him to die
Quintin: oh. gotcha. that’s a good point.
Ted: i get one a day
Quintin: that’s awesome. that’s something blog about, no?
Ted: meh
Quintin: k

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