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Had a great weekend!

My folks came down to spend the weekend with us and, with the exception of Jen being violently ill for the majority of their trip, we had a great time. Saturday we took it easy and hung out at home with my parents as they were pretty wasted from the drive down from Washington.

Sunday, Claire, my folks and I went to the Alameda County Fair all day and had a blast! Claire and I rode the elephant ride:
Riding the elephant

She rode the Merry-Go-Round with my dad:
Claire and Papa on the Merry-Go-Round

She got to see animals:
Ducks for sale

And danced like a crazy person:
Dancing fool!

All in just a few hours! We all had a great time at the Fair and definitely plan on going back later this Fair season. We even got in for free because it was “Military Appreciation Day” and you get free entry with a military ID. since both of my folks have military IDs we got free entry! Fantastic!

Yesterday we took Claire to go see Surf’s Up in the theatre, her first movie! She handled it like a pro and had a great time with her mommy, daddy, Gran and Papa. After dinner my folks and I took her to the local park and she got to run around with my folks’ dog Scooter:
Running fool!

Once we got home, she got to spend some quality time with Gram:
Giving Gram a kiss

and Papa:
Playing bumblebee

My folks are headed home today to spend some time with my new niece Maddie and have a relaxing summer.

Welcome to the World Maddie!

Madeline Olivia

My niece was born today. Madeline Olivia Johnson. Six pounds, six ounces and 18.5 inches tall. She was born to my brother Erik and his Wife Nanette three weeks early, on Father’s Day. My dad and her parents were at the hospital, my mom is in Florida on a business trip. I’m sure I’ll have more pictures later as my brother posts them to his Flickr page.

Congratulations Erik and Nan! Your lives have changed for the the better! Happy Father’s Day!

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