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We almost bought a Subaru Outback…

Jen tells me about this email she got from one of her Moms’ Club members where she and her husband were looking to sell their 2002 Subaru Outback with ~40K miles on it for $16,250. I should maybe preface this by saying that the Subaru Outback is pretty much my dream car. My buddy Kishore’s had one forever and that’s just added to my lust for the car.

It was Wintergreen (the color I’d want) with cream-colored leather interior and moonroofs, exactly as I’d want one, and for only $16,250, it’d be a steal.

I tell Jen to call her friend, we’ll work out how to pay for it, maybe take a chunk out of our mortgage? I don’t care, it must be ours!

By the time she actually gets a hold of her friend, it turns out that they chickened out and traded it in when they got their new mini-van.


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I’ll be looking over my shoulder for weeks now…

So I played a little trick on Tom tonight at bowling. Nothing huge, just enough to irk him and make him shake his fist at me.

Now, however, I’m worried. See, Tom has access/control over every PC in the office and can cause some VERY SERIOUS things with my computer and network access. Not to mention, of course, my access to the building and phone. We were joking about what he could do and I jokingly said something about making my corporate login password 64-characters in length with no letters or numbers allowed, only “special characters” (ex. #+~^%#$]?). This caused his eyebrow to raise in thought.


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