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Cool little Flickr Holiday Easter Egg

If you add the note “ho ho ho hat” or “ho ho ho beard” (without quotes) to a picture in your (or a friend’s) photostream, it’ll add a Santa hat or beard to your picture. Check out this picture for evidence.

Good job Flickr! By th way I found this via Sean Alexander who found it via BoingBoing.

Emergency Kit: Do You Have One?

In light of the whole James Kim tragedy, I thought I’d check the emergency kit I keep in my car.

I have the following in my car for emergency purposes:

-Water Purification Tablets
-Silver Thermal Reflective Blanket
-Swiss Armk Knife with Fork and Spoon
-Pack of (Antiseptic) Alcohol and Iodine Wipes
-Sharper Image ToolLogic (Has a blade and a can/bottle opener in a credit card-sized form)
-3 12-inch Velcro Straps
-Various sized Adhesive Bandages
-Emergency Whistle (Maybe the most important thing here)
-Emergency Food Rations
-9 Four ounce emergency water packets
-2 One-Quart Plastic Zip-Top Bags
-AM/FM Radio with four AA Batteries
-2 Spare AA Batteries
-1 CYALUME 12-Hour Lightstick
-1 Mini MagLight with 2 AA Batteries
-1 Carabiner 150-pound load bearing
-1 Digital Watch
-1 Plastic Poncho
-1 Pair Spare Eyeglasses in Hard Case
-1 Fannypack-style pouch for holding the above
-1 Fleece Blanket


I also need some items for my kit, including replacing the emergency food and water as they’ve recently expired:

-Waterproof Matches and/or Lighter
-Emergency Strobe Light
-Collapsible Canteen
-Pre-Mixed Kool-Aid Packets (Quick supply of energy from the sugar and covers the taste of the Water Purification Tablets)
-Flint and Steel

So, what’s in your emergency kit? Do you even have one? If not, why not?

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Halo 3 Trailer: Holy Crap!

Just click this link and revel in the glory of the Master Chief! God, I can’t wait until November 2007. Until then, I guess I’m going to have to download the trailer to my 360 and play the hell out of it.
While you’re drooling, if you have a XBOX Live Gold account, you can sign up for the beta as well.

**UPDATE 12/06/2006**

Looks like someone online liked the music for the Gears of War Trailer so much, they remixed the HALO 3 trailer with it. It’s pretty inspired! Check it out! The audio cues work surprisingly well.


Grad Nite 1991

As I was cleaning out the garage last weekend ( a chore and a half…) I ran across the above picture of me and Eeyore at Grad Nite in Disneyland my Senior year of High School back in 1991.

Wow, look at the hair I had. Long, flowing hair. Thick locks of hair.


Anyways, I have some memories of the night, key among them was falling in love with one of the singers of En Vogue (I can’t remember which on anymore honestly) and having to watch C&C Music Factory standing on a chair and having a security guard ask me to stop standing on the chair…

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