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Please Vote Today

Every two years, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November I make this same entry. Please go out and vote.

Again, I don’t care who you vote for (I have a preference, but I’m not gonna preach), just vote today. Make your voice heard and make a difference. Please.

Happy Birthday Richard!

Ethan Richard and Regina

Today is Richard Chennault’s birthday. Happy birthday Richard! Hope it was an enjoyable one! (And maybe an XBox 360 was in the offering?)

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Child’s Play

It’s coming up on the holidays and the guys over at Penny Arcade are hosting Child’s Play Charity again. They’ve raised almost $1 Million in gifts and donations over the last three years. If you’re so inclined, head on over to Child’s Play Charity and make a donation to a Children’s Hospital near you.

I’ve also created a banner on the right-hand side you can click on to go to their site as well. Go ahead and do it, make a sick kid (or kids) a little bit more happy for the Holidays and beyond!