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Lance is inducing flashbacks!

Harder to Find Than You Might Think

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Lance is in Sweden this week at a seminar and his Flickr pictures are causing some very fond memories to arise. Hs picture of Swedish Meatballs, lingonberry preserve and mashed potatoes alone brought me back the 17 years it’s been since I lived there.

Man, I’d l-o-v-e love to get back there as a full-grown adult for a another visit!
Have fun Lance!

Jen, can I get an XBox 360?

My birthday’s coming up in about a month, and I’ve been a very good boy this year.

Dear God, this looks amazing…

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Yeah… Let me know how that works out for you…

Got the following email in our Support mailbox asking us to join the class-action lawsuit:

I am writing you today to ask that you get involved in a Class Action Lawsuit to stop the abuse and blackmail perpetrated by a vigilante organization known as Spamhaus and run by Steve Linford.
We have talked to many ISPs and hosting companies and the consensus is basically the same. ISPs are tired of being blackmailed and bullied by this group of thugs and we propose to put an end to it by filing a Lawsuit. The defendants in this lawsuit will be


2. Steve Linford

3. Companies that use and support Spamhaus.

4. ISPs that unjustly shut or refuse service based on Spamhaus direction.

As you may already know Spamhaus just lost an 11.7 million dollar lawsuit filed by they have refused to abide by the federal court order and will be soon held in contempt. If you are using Spamhaus you may be exposing your company to huge liability as they do not follow any law in their blacklisting and Steve Linford uses his position to abuse his list as a weapon for personal vendettas.

1. Spamhaus lists sites, IPs and ISPs that are not spamming.

2. Steve Linford uses his blacklists to enrich himself and for personal vendettas

3. Steve Linford owns a hosting company UXN.COM which is a direct conflict of interest in operating his illegal blacklist

4. Steve Linford Ignores United States courts and laws

5. Steve Linford Blackmails ISPs by listing IPs of innocents in order to get them to comply with whatever he asks.

6. The same list Spamhaus misrepresents as their SBl is freely available at [URL deleted by Ted] (without the blackmail)

7. Steve Linford has no regard for free speech and puts sites on his list solely for speaking out about him to repress the growing Anti-spamhaus movement.

One only needs to log into [URL deleted by Ted] to see the absolute nonsense that goes on there and Steve Linford banging his chest and bragging he can shut down any site or host in the world.
Regardless of the fight against spam there is no place on the internet for one man to decide who has a website and who does not.

If you are Interested in more information and updates as we progress please send an email to [Email address deleted by Ted] and we will add you to our confidential list.
At the very least if your tired of this kind of blackmail, do not bow to the Illegal actions of Spamhaus and log into [URL delted by Ted] and tell them what you think of their blackmail tactics.
It is time for Spamhaus to go. if you google “Spamhaus Terrorists” and “Spamhaus Judgment” you can read more about what is going on recently.

Thank you for your time
Committee to stop Spamhaus censorship and Blackmail

Yeah, we’ll go right ahead and do that…

How I spent my Labor Day Weekend

Yeah, I know, it’s well past Labor Day but I’ve been busy. Lance and I flew up to Seattle for Labor Day Weekend to enjoy the three-day music-and-arts festival that is Bumbershoot. We flew in bright and early (left Oakland at 6:00 AM) Saturday morning and drove north a bit to Redmond to drop our stuff at Q! and his wife Melissa’s house before we all drove down to Seattle for the festivities.
I’m not going to list every show I saw, but I will give you the highlights.
We saw Blondie, Shooter Jennings (surprise of the weekend, awesome Southern Rock) Zack Galifinakis, David Cross, Tribe Called Quest, Upright Citizens Brigade, Nouvelle Vague, and many, many others over the three-day event. One of the best parts of the weekend though, was Flatstock, a collection of (buyable, as my wallet will attest) concert posters and poster art. I got a few limited-print posters including a nice KINSKI poster and a Queens of the Stone Age poster. Both hand printed using screen printing.

The worst part of the trip? Losing my ATM card. Well, I didn’t actually lose it, I stupidly left it in the ATM I used to get cash from the first day of our trip. Blame it on fatigue I guess, I had about 90 minutes of sleep the night before and I just plain forgot to pull it out of the ATM. Crisis averted (mostly) as I realized what happened about an hour after it happened and I called WaMu to cancel the card. Thanks to the wonders of the intertron, I was able to give the address of the grocery store where I left the card in the ATM and they issued me a new card that I got less than a week later.
Also, on the last day of the trip (Monday) my cell phone decided to not work anymore. No data, no voice, nothing. It was a one pound brick for all intents and purposes.

I got some really good pics, as did Q!, Melissa, and Lance. There’s also a really cool Flickr group with pics from the event you should check out.
Regardless, we had a blast and I can’t thank Q! and the lovely Melissa for letting us crash at their house for three nights, it was greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot (how could I?)! I also got to visit with my family. My folks picked me up in front of the Space Needle and we met Erik and his wife Nan for lunch at the Crab Pot on the water. We had a wonderful lunch and I got to catch up with them. (Truth be told, there wasn’t too much catching up to do, we’d just seen each other a week before at my cousin Erin’s wedding in Mt. Shasta…)

I also took an hour or two to go to the Sci-Fi Museum/ Hall of Fame at the Experience Music Project or, as my dad calls it, the “Alien Turd.” (Take a look at an aerial picture of it, he’s right!)

Sample Support Call of the Day

Ted: Help desk, this is Ted.

Caller: Hi! I’m not a customer of yours and you’ve never heard of me, but I have a question.

T: Go ahead, I’ll see what I can do.

C: I sent an email a year ago and I need to find it.

T: OK, what program were you using to send the message?


T: (SHUDDER) OK, did you use Outlook or Netscape to send the message or did you use AOL?

C: I sent it using AOL.

T: OK, did you use their web-based client or was it from an email client?

C: The web-based client.

T: I was afraid you’d say that. If you’d used their web-based client, the message is on their server.

C: Well, I saw on TV that people could get onto someone’s computer and find things like this.

T: Well, that’s true, if you’d used something like Outlook or Netscape, we might be able to help you find it. Since you used their web-based client, you’d have to contact them.

C: Here’s the deal: I really need that email. I’ve got a pending lawsuit and it’s vital that I have that message and AOL only keeps copies of sent messages for 30 days.

T: Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. Sorry.

C: Don’t be, you’ve given me somewhere to start. *sigh* I guess I’ll call AOL now.

T: *chuckle* Allright, well, good luck with that!

C: Yeah, thanks anyway!

T: No problem, thanks for calling!

Greatest book title ever!

Most excellent book

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I’ve not read it, but I know a few people who should!

Open Letter to the Raider Nation:


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So, it’s been a while, huh?

I’ve been swamped with the whole “getting back to work after vacation” think and haven’t had any time to update this thing since I got back.

I’ll be writing up some posts about my trips to Mt. Shasta and Seattle for Bumbershoot later, I just wanted to type something here so I had a post from within the last few weeks.