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Congratulations Erin!

Congratulations Erin!

On Saturday, the 26th of August, 2006, in the shadow of Mt. Shasta, my cousin Erin married her best friend and soulmate Adam in a beautiful open-air ceremony.

I’ll be blogging more about the wedding when I have a more stable internet connection, but wanted to share this image in the meantime.

Congratulations Erin!

…the Hell was that?

No idea what happened there for a while, but the site was kinda messed up. After Gene taking a look at it and poking around on the back-end, the site’s back up and running. Guess it was the old look for a while too, we had to turn off the plugins to see if that what was causing the issue. It wasn’t.

Anyway, thanks to Gene for fixing it and to Tom and Caley for, well, laughing at me while I wept uncontrollably wringing my hands and tearing out what little hair I have left…

Oh yeah, I’m on vacation! Yay!

Six days from now….

I’ll be at Mt Shasta, maybe enjoying a cold beverage and the company of my family in preparation of my cousin Erin’s wedding on Saturday.

Two weeks from now, I’ll be up in Seattle enjoying Bumbershoot with two of my closest friends…

Today, I’m in the office with Tom and Caley, reconfiguring a boot order for a VERY IMPORTANT server.

Is it Friday yet?

Madden 2006: A good way to diet

Seriously. I picked up a used copy of Madden 2006 at GameStop yesterday for $9.95 and started playing the “career mode” where you create a player using DNA from “parents” and started a career with him. he’s a Fresno State grad (my “home team”) fullback and was drafted by the hated Cowboys. You can pick an agent for the player, make movie deals, and a bunch of other things too. It’s pretty sweet.

(You may be asking why I picked up Madden 2006 when 2007 is coming out next week. There are two reasons:

1. I’m trying to save money.

2. I plan on getting an Xbox 360 before Madden 2008 comes out and 2007 will be one of my first purchases.)

Now, how does Madden 2006 make a good way to diet?

When I’m in front of the TV, I snack. Not so much when I’m playing Madden. I’m so enthralled with the game and my progress (still in preseason, but it’s only been one night…) that I don’t even think to eat! This is how I’m going to “sell” Jen on alowing me to take over the TV…

Using Google Analytics


OK, now that I’ve got that out of the way… I’ve been using Google Analytics for a couple of days now and am, so far, very happy with what I’m getting for the low, low price of free. Tom turned me on to a cool little plugin for my WordPress blog called Google Analyticator which requires that you just type in your Google Analytics user ID into a field and it does the rest automagically. Very slick and painless, just the way I like it.

If you’re interested in setting up Google Analytics (formerly known as Urchin Reports) all you need is a Google account (GMail or whatever) to get signed up and started with getting stats for your site. Don’t have a GMail account? Leave a comment requesting one and I’ll shoot you an invite, just leave your email address in the comment field.

Stephen Colbert vs. the Star Wars Kid

Stephen take a licking, but keeps on ticking! Click here to view the glory!

So, do you like the new look?

I’ve updated the theme for the site to K2 (just like Tom already did; I am a sheep) with a Blue-K2 scheme. I’m going to be tweaking a bit of the CSS stuff to make it more to my likings, but that’s another job for another day.

What do you think? Do you like this look or do you think that I should go back to the older version? Personally, even without the planned tweaks, I really like this look and the slider on the top of the page is pretty kick-ass!

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Testing Windows Live Writer (Beta)

I’m nothing if not a sheep…

I downloaded the beta version here to see how I like it. I’m also interested in trying out BlogJet, which Tom swears by.


I hit the upload button and it spat out an error at me but the post was submitted. Ah well, they don’t call it “beta” for nothing…

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It’s effing late!

And I’m in the office with Tom and Lance. The good news is that Lance and I got our airplane tickets/rental car for our trip to Bumbershoot Labor Day weekend.

That’s good times right there! I’m poorer, but will greatly enjoy seeing The English Beat, Upright Citizens Brigade, Arj Barker and many, many other great acts that weekend!

How does one, exactly, clog a urinal?

How do you clog a urinal?

Explain to me please, how does someone clog a urinal? I see the toliet paper in there, and it doesn’t go away, but why would somebody do that?

The plunger, for obvious reasons, won’t clear this out. I’m NOT sticking my hand in there. Who the hell uses TP in a urinal? Two or three shakes or (in some cases) a tug should get everything out, right? Right?

Well, at least we’ve got a second option in the office. I’m still unsure why the hell someone would use TP in a urinal though…


After finding some rubber gloves, I was able to remove the offending TP and the urinal is now back up and running. I still am VERY curious as to why someone would use TP in a urinal. Ah well, a question for the ages I guess…

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