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Mom and Dad are coming!

My folks (Gram and Papa) are on their way down to visit with us for the weekend and should be in town in a few hours! It’s been since Christmas since they’ve both seen CJ (dad came down for her birthday, but mom had to stay in Washington) and she’s changed so much, it’s going to be fun watching her interact with them.

We’re planning on going to the San Francisco Zoo tomorrow and maybe have a late lunch/early dinner at the Franciscan restaurant down at Fisherman’s Wharf. We used to go there all the time when I was a kid and it’ll be nice to experience it as a parent.



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It’s 108 degrees in Livermore right now, but it only feels like 106. Good thing too, 106 is bearable, 108 is just crazy hot…

I can’t believe I grew up on this kind of heat and didn’t even bat an eye.

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One year ago today…

CJ likes the computer

One year ago today CJ was still such a tiny little thing. You can see her personality starting to show in this picture. Very curious and that cute little evil smile.

Again, I can’t believe how much she’s grown over the last year. Man, time sure files!

Chris Isaak Show Last Night

Jen and I were able to get last-minute tickets to see Chris Isaak in concert last night at Wente Winery in Livermore. Tickets were really expensive, but we were able to get them for MUCH cheaper due to the fact that the people who were supposed to have them cancelled last minute.

We showed up around 7:00 for dinner, the food was very good (and for the ticket price, it better be!) and we enjoyed some roast beef and chicken. Chris got on stage at the scheduled time (8:15) and rocked the house until 10:00. He played all the hits, including my favorite Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing as well as a great cover of Roy Orbison’s Only the Lonely as well as Wicked Games of course.

This was totally last minute and Jen was able to get her folks to come over to babysit CJ and give us the opportunity to catch the show.

Me, I’m not a huge fan of Chris Isaak, but Jen ADORES him and would probably leave me for him without even saying good-bye on her way out the door! 😉 She had a great time and I’m glad we were able to make this happen for her. She wanted to get tickets when we first found out he was performing, but the show sold out within minutes of going on sale.

Carolla’s got a fan for life now…

This is why. God bless you Adam Carolla!

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Cassie and Jason

Cassie and Jason

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My college friend Cassie and her long-time boyfriend Jason are (finally) engaged! Yay Cassie!

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Thanks Lance!

Monday night (after bowling) Tom, Lance and I met up at the office here in Livermore and had a “geek out” session. Lance was kind enough to finish up the new look of the blog and I think it looks GREAT!

Thanks Lance!

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One year ago today…

Ted and CJ

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Well, actually tomorrow, but you get the idea. This picture was taken at Jen’s parents’ house while we celebrated the 4th of July. Note the skinny arms, she’s gotten so BIG in the last year. She’s such a good girl, I can’t imagine life without my little Princess Pudding Pop!

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Claire likes the water!


Wanna see video of her in the pool and saying her first multi-syllabic word? Go to her blog!

Superman Returns

Jen and I went to see Superman Returns tonight with some folks from my work. I guess the Alameda County Sheriff were there to show off some of their stuff, but it was kinda weird seeing firetrucks and the Bomb Squad folks there… I’m glad we showed up 30 minutes early as the line to get into the theatre was already VERY long. By the time we got seats, the place was already 75% full.

Trailers were OK, the Spider-Man 3 trailer was the best of the bunch, but I’d already seen it online. Still, there’s something to be said about seeing it on the big screen, I’m getting excited to see it and it doesn’t even come out until next year. *sigh*

When the movie started with the original John Williams-scored theme, I got goosebumps. When the opening credits started rolling and looking exactly the same as they did almost 30 years ago, I got excited.

In short: They Got It Right.

It’s not as good, in my humble opinion, as Batman Begins, but that could just be because I’ve always been more a fan of Batman than Superman. I also think they sort of painted themselves into a bit of a corner at the end of the movie, but I’m not going to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t seen it yet…

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