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Spare The Air Day

As I was driving my SUV (in first gear to get the revs up really high, as is my wont) by myself into the office today with the AC cranked, all the windows down and smoking a Cuban cigar, they announced on the radio that today was a Spare the Air day in the Bay Area. “That’s good,” I thought as I passed a school bus with blinking yellow lights (stupid kids trying to cross the street, I almost spilled my Venti Caramel Macchiado swerving to not hit some six year-old), “we need to have more of those around here. The smog is going to get really bad this Summer.”

Parking my car in the lot, I left the engine running and the AC on so that my car isn’t too hot when I go home at 6:00 this evening. (Now, before you get all angry at me, it’s on low. Jeez!)

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Please Vote Today

I Voted

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I don’t care how you vote, please just vote. It’s almost literally the least you can do to make your voice heard.

Plus, you get a sticker!

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It’s just Common Sense!

So, we’ve got elections coming up here in a week-and-a-half and there’s one Proposition that I’m really interested in seeing pass. It’s Prop 82, which basically says that preschool will be paid for for all children in California. How’s it paid for? Taxes. Not taxes for me and you though, unless you make more than $400,000/year. So, what they’re saying is that I don’t have to pay for my daughter to go to preschool, which has been proven to make kids more prepared for higher education and go on to a college degree?


Vote yes on 82.

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