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Memorial Day Weekend

Jen and I had some friends over today for a little BBQ.

We had Lance and Tina, their daughters Jenna, Isabella and Maya, Tom and Michelle and their son Lane, Tina G and her sons Phil, Paul and Samuel, Richard and Regina and their sons Alexander and Ethan, Tony and Paula and their son Nathan as well as Kevin and Tina T and their as-yet-unborn daughter.

As you can see, we had quite a large number of people in our home and it went off very well. I grilled up some burgers, dogs and veggies for the crew and Jen threw down with some delicious pear salad. I (finally) built the table tennis table we got for Christmas in 2004 (slacker!) and some did some childproofing I’ve been meaning to do for the last month or so. Add that to the yard work and mowing and it’s been a very busy weekend.

I’m wrapping up my Sunday night by watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with Tom and Lance and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning. Then it’s up bright and early Tuesday morning for a Microsoft conference in Sunnyvale.

Slight Technical Difficulties

Looks like my site (and Lance’s) was down for a few hours or so today due to a MySQL error on the server hosting them. Stupid Lanlogic, bunch of no-talent hacks! 😉

All’s well now though folks, now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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Another reason why I shouldn’t be working in IT…

I feel like an idiot right now… I was doing some maintenance on my PC, like I do every other week or so, just to clean up anything on the machine that I was demo’ing or whatever and accidentally uninstalled the drivers for my wireless card.

That’s a problem see, because I don’t have a router anymore and it’s pretty hard to download drivers for your wireless card if you can’t surf the intertron. After a few seconds of, “holy crap, now what,” I remembered that I could just roll back the clock and do a system restore to a few hours ago…

I think this will wind up being a “Lanlogic blog entry” tomorrow.

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Which Superhero am I?

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern
The Flash
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Wonder Woman
Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the “Which Superhero am I?” quiz…

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One year ago today…

CJ and Jen Outside

Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

Wow, it was a year ago today that I took this picture of my two girls. How time files! CJ’s taking swimming lessons, is finally starting to cruise around the furniture and is chatting up a storm! (Not that we understand 90% of what she’s saying, but still…)

It takes pictures like this to really realize how much time has passed and how far my little girl has gone. I’m going to make this a rather-frequent task: Look up old pics of CJ and reflect on them.

The backstory to this picture is that Jen, CJ and I went to Sycamore Grove in Livermore with our friends Tony and Paula Cao (who have a child of their own now, they weren’t even pregnant when we went for this walk!) and discovered that, just like her daddy, CJ has pollen allergies. Her eyes swelled up and she got rashes all over her because of it. We should go back there soon and get some “after” pictures to go with these “before” ones.

Damn Livermore, what did you eat?

The last month or two, there has been a terrible smell wafting over our building. We have a waste treatment plant about a block from us and apparently, it’s been having some issues with the management of the smells coming from it. Honestly, it smells like, well, shit. I suppose that’s to be expected, that every once in a while you’re going to get a whiff of the city’s, uh, byproducts, but for two freaking months?

Last week a very nice gentleman from the City of Livermore Waste Treatment Department dropped by the office to give us a one-sheet “explanation” of what’s going on… Turns out that the City of Livermore has an “upset stomach.” Yeah, so do I and my coworkers.

Is it sad that I can tell when the residents of Livermore have had eggs for breakfast?

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Look who’s finally getting around to walking!

[gv data=”N_GHtl8I-bI”][/gv]

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My head crab arrived today and immediately jumped out of its box and did its thang.

That’s a niiiiice head crab…

Han Shot First (Again)!

Looks like the folks over at Lucasfilm are either:

a) Actually listening to the fans

b) In need of cash

Why, you ask? Because they’re (finally) releasing the original trilogy in it’s original glory. Starting in September of 2006, and only for three months, they’ll be selling the first three Star Wars movies as the originally came out in 1977, 1980 and 1983. Click here for more information.

Looks like they’ve found another way to suck money out of me… I am George Lucas’ bitch.

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