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Greatest. Blog. Ever!


Not since the days of has there been such an amazing website/blog.  I got this via the Hulk by the way.  I’ve also added Chewie to my blogroll on the right.  Enjoy!

For Tom

For Tom
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Awww…  Look at the cute kitten!

Something to make Tom smile. 
Or puke, whichever.

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“Rome” IS Coming Back!

Rome, my favorite show on HBO will be coming back.  There was some talk a while ago about whether or not they’d be renewing the show for more seasons.  I have a customer who works for HBO and she let me know that she’s working on the production staff of the show.

This makes me very very VERY happy as it is, by far, the best show that HBO has in its schedule at the present time.  And, yes, I think it’s better than the Sopranos.

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Here’s who did it and when, we just can’t get a license plate for their vehicle.

To the Asshats in the white Dodge truck:  I’m on to you!

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“Crack Pipe” found in our Parking Lot

"Crack Pipe" found in our Parking Lot
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The same asshat that dropped off their mattress box spring and other stuff in our parking lot apparently also used us to dispose of their “crack pipe.” I use the quotes because I don’t know if that’s what it actually is as I’ve never smoked crack nor seen a pipe in person, but this is what I would expect one to look like and there is a burned substance in the tip where it’s black.

Please not that I didn’t actually touch it, I used a key to pick it up for this shot. There’s no way in Hell that I’m touching that nasty thing.

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Thanks ass!

Thanks ass!
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Some jerk-bag decided to drop off their mattress, box spring and other misc crap behind our dumpster last night. The garbage truck didn’t take it with them this morning. Now I get to handle someone else’s funky-ass bed. And a car battery. And a box fan.

Good times.

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Happy Birthday Claire!

Birthday Princess!

At this very moment, 4:51 PM Pacific, 2005, Claire Julia Johnson was born and my life changed forever.  There’s no way I can describe how much I love my little princess.  I knew that having a child would change my life forever, but I had no idea what that really meant.  Now I do.

I love you Claire, have a wonderful birthday, I’m so glad that you chose your mommy and me.

Poppin’ and Lockin’ for the Lord

JP2 was kool, y’all!  Check out this Google video.

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Why didn’t anyone tell me how good this show is?  Why am I just now watching it after four seasons have passed?

Why didn’t I listen to Tom when he told me it was good, like, three years ago?

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I miss Sumi Das from Tech TV…

She’s pretty.

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