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Red Swingline!

Red Swingline!
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I made the leap and bought myself the Red Swingline stapler from ThinkGeek last week and it arrived yesterday.

All things aside, it’s a really good stapler:  It’s solid metal with good "action" when stapling. 

I also got a mug boss for the coffee cup I use to hold all my pens, pencils, scissors and the like.

Honestly though, the only reason I’m making this post it to make Lance jealous…  😉

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Happy Holidays!

I’ve changed the site up a bit for the holidays, hope you enjoy the new look.  Don’t worry friends, the old look will be back, I’m just switching things up for the Holidays!

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Do Not Forget Doorhangers!


This may be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  One of the most obvious as well.  It’s a notepad you can hang from a doorknob allowing you to write notes to yourself and put them where you’ll actually see them, hanging from your door!

It’s so simple, yet a very powerful tool.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed to remind myself of something so I’ve written it on a sticky note and then stuck it to the door to the garage so I’ll see it in the morning on my way to work or whatever.  I also can’t tell you how many times the sticky notes have fallen off of the door and fallen into some black hole/ tear in the space/time continuum…

It comes in a 50-sheets/pad pack.  I bought two packs.  And I’ll use them.  A lot!

Wanna take a look?  They’re pretty reasonably priced, only $5.95 each, quite a bargain if you ask me!

Thanks to Tom for the info on this one!


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