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Happy Birthday Lance!

Lance on stage

Tomorrow is Lance’s birthday, but I thought I’d get this out a day early so I don’t forget to post something.

Lance is a guy I’ve known since college, when we worked together at the Pioneer Newspaper at CSU Hayward (I REFUSE to call it CSU East Bay) when he showed me the ropes and taught me how to make newspapers look pretty, Eric Ronning be damned.  He also helped me get a job on campus helping in the Macintosh lab in Meiklejohn Hall, the easiest 15-hour job in the world.  This wouldn’t be the last time Lance helped me find a job…

After graduation, as it seems to always happen, Lance and I lost touch.  He had a full-time job, I had school and two part-time jobs and we sort of went our separate ways.  This would all change once I married Jen and he married Tina.  Soon, we were hanging out quite a bit and our wives got along well, which was icing on the cake!  When Lance and Tina had Jenna almost six years ago, I was coming over to visit just to see her, she was my first real experience with a baby and I’m so grateful to Lance and Tina for allowing me to be a part of her, and their, life.  It wasn’t too long after she was born that I was given the moniker "crazy Uncle Ted" which all three of his girls now refer to me as.

Here’s how Lance found me another job, in a roundabout sort of way.  He used to work at Lanlogic and helped Tom (and Gene) land a job here.  Tom and I have been friends just about as long as Lance and I, so when there was an opening here, Tom helped me land an interview and, eventually, the job I currently have.  If not for Lance, I’d be working in the South Bay doing inside sales for some semiconductor company or something.

Anyway, Lance turns 32 tomorrow, and he’s the one who’s given me a great gift:  A lifetime friend and a second family. 

Thanks Lance.  Thanks for being there when needed and for being there when NOT needed.  You have a wonderful family and I’m very lucky to have you as a friend and a brother in every sense but blood.

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CJ Zonked Out

CJ Zonked Out
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Claire’s been sick the last few days and has been having trouble sleeping. Yesterday she didn’t take her afternoon nap, so when I put her on my lap after feeding her, she pretty much immediately passed out. It was kind of funny watching her fall asleep, head bobbing as she fought it and the eventual submission to the Sandman. This is about the only time she’s still enough for Daddy to give her loving, so it was refreshing to rest her head against my chest and sing to her in her sleep.

God DAMN, I love this girl…

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Holy Crap, Woot Off!


Looks like I won’t be sleeping tonight, we got us a good ol’ fashioned Woot Off!  Wonder what they’ll have?


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Child’s Play Charity: ‘Tis the Season!

It’s that time of the year again kids!  For the third year running the good folks over at Penny Arcade are helping out kids in need by taking donated games, books, gaming machines and more and giving them to 16 Children’s Hospitals in the USA, two in Canada and one in England.  Here’s a link to the main site.  Please take my word for it, these guys are doing great work.  Every penny you spend goes directly to the kids and you can choose to buy all sorts of stuff from Amazon wish lists for the kids (created by the hospitals).

My meager words can’t do this justice, just click on the link and do whatever you can to help these sick kids and their families have a happy holiday season and beyond.

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Bill Tate, RIP

Bill Tate, the father of my good friend and coworker Chris Tate, died Friday afternoon after fighting cancer for many years.  Rest in peace Mr Tate.

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I cleaned my desk!

Clean Desk!
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You should really click on the picture above to see all of my notes, but I took an hour or so yesterday and cleaned off my desk. I had 6+ months’ worth of papers and dust collected so I took the opportunity yesterday to come into the office and clean it up a bit (among other things).

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That is all, have a nice day.

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