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My Trip to Mt. Diablo

Diablo Observatory

Sunday, I decided to drive up to Mt. Diablo, which is the highest point in the Bay Area to get some miles under my belt with the Tucson.  It’s a pretty quick drive from my house to the state park, and took about 45 minutes of driving to get to the top.  I stopped off about half-way to the top to check out Rock City, which is a collections of outcropping and wind caves.  Very picturesque and I got a ton of good pictures which I’ve put up on Flickr for folks to enjoy.  While I was in Rock City, I climbed up on a few boulders and outcroppings to get some pictures.  Coming off of one of them, I tweaked my back but it didn’t hurt immediately so I thanked my lucky stars and got back into the Tucson to drive to the top of the mountain.

It was a beautiful drive, windy roads, tons of bicyclists braving the traffic and the huge grades going uphill and downhill.  Downhill must be funner, if not WAY more dangerous.

Anyway, I got up to the top, hung out for 20 or so minutes and took some really good pictures.  I then got to make the drive down, through Walnut Creek, and (after a quick stop at Best Buy) home.

As soon as I got home and sat down, I got this terrible pain in my back.  I’ve had back problems for 10+ years (bulging disk in the lower lumbar area) and I guess that my climbing some rocks to get pictures aggrigated it.  I went to Kaiser this morning and they gave me some muscle relaxants and Vicodan for the pain.  Good times.

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RIP Porkins…

RIP Porkins

William Hootkins, who played Porkins (AKA Red 6) in the original Star Wars passed away at the age of 58 earlier this week of pancreatic cancer.  Porkins was one of my favorite characters in the movie, a proud member of Rogue Squadron.

Rest in Peace Mr Hootkins.

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It’s a Girl!

Asha (pronounced "ah-sha") Jayaswal (forever forward referred to as "AJ") was born yesterday at 5:15 PM Pacific.  Eight pounds, four ounces in weight, 19.5 inches tall and a 14-inch-around head for those keeping score at home.

Kishore didn’t have too long to talk, but according to our conversation, AJ is doing very well, latched to her mommy immediately and is, so far, a very calm and happy baby.

I’m really super-excited for Kishore and Amy, his wife, as they had some issues conceiving that I really don’t feel is my place to discuss.  Suffice it to say that AJ is sort of a "miracle baby."  Kishore has been one of my very best friends since we met 12 years ago and he and Amy are very much members of my family.

Congrats brother!  I couldn’t be more happy if it was my own child.  All my love to you and yours.

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The end of Nigerian Spam?

According to a Reuters article, Nigeria is considering passing a law making email spamming illegal.


Here’s a clip:
Under the bill, which has to be approved by the National
Assembly to become law, convicted spammers face jail terms of
three to five years and could also be made to hand the proceeds
of crime to the government.

"Any person spamming electronic messages to recipients with
whom he has no previous relationship commits an offence," said
a section of the draft law obtained by Reuters on Wednesday. 

I’m sure you’ve received at least one Nigerian spam message if you use email.  It usually starts with a statement apologizing for intruding on your time, a sob story describing some sort of death of a government official with tons of money in the bank and goes on from there.  More people than you would think have fallen for it and it’s a scourge that has been plaguing the internet for a few years now.

Do I think this is a good idea?  Hells yes, I do.
Do I think this will change anything?  Hells no, I don’t.

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The Colbert Report, that’s French Bitch!


Start watching the Colbert Report right now.  Today.  Can’t stay up to watch something at 11:30?  Set your VCR/TiVO/PVR or whatever and WATCH THIS SHOW!  I laughed so hard at last night’s permiere episode, Jen got mad at me ’cause she thought I was going to wake up CJ.  Don’t believe me?  Want to see a clip?  Click here.

Or, you could just take me for my word and watch it.  You’ll laugh, I can feel it in my gut.

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The New Car

I just got off the phone with Jen and it looks like we’ll have the car as soon as tomorrow evening.  She spoke with the dealer, got them to drop the price a little bit more and then (verbally at least) sealed the deal.  The car should be at the dealership tomorrow and we can go over, sign the papers, and drive home in the new Tucson!

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Kicking the tires a bit…

Tucson Right Front

Jen and I went out to look at the Hyundai Tucson again last night in the color/interior we wanted to get a feel for it before we started negotiations with the dealer.  This is the 4WD model of the Tucson we want, but we’ll be getting the 2WD version.

I’m really happy with the decision, I like the color and the car drives very well when I took it out for a test drive (see last post) last weekend.

After taking a look at the car and getting a feel for the price, we went over to Tom and Michelle’s place to visit for a little bit.  CJ and Lane got to spend some quality time together as well while Tom and I watched the Sharks game on TiVO, or at least tried to…  Here’s a picture of CJ and Lane playing:

CJ waving to Lane

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Time to get a new car…

A couple of weeks ago, Jen got into (what we thought at the time was) a little fender-bender.  She and CJ are both fine and Jen’s car was (we thought) slightly damaged.  She got it towed to the body shop and they were going to (through AAA) contact us and let us know the damage.  Turns out there was a lot of internal damage to her car and it was deemed a total loss.  Bummer.

So, now we’re going to have to get a new car and I get to drive it since it’s "my turn" for a new car.  Cool!

I immediately wanted to go out and get a Honda Element, my current love interest.  I love the look of it and it’s within our budget.  I had a couple of other cars in mind, but nothing really piqued my interest like the Element.

Saturday, Jen and I wnet out to Tracy to check the Element out.  We met with Ko Lo (yes, his name is Ko Lo) the Internet Sales Manager there and took the car out for a test drive.  Man, was I disappointed with the car.  I love the look of the car, but it just didn’t feel right.  Mushy, no guts, funky view from the driver’s seat, no middle-rear seat for the baby’s carseat, stuff like that.  So we decided to take a look at the Hyundai Tucson as well.

Wow.  What a difference.  Great get-up-and-go, handling was really nice, there was an armrest, middle seat for Claire, and reasonable price.  Now I’m hooked.  I’m actually trying to get the car through Costco’s auto program as Jen and I have a friend who was able to get a new car for BELOW INVOICE, don’t ask me how it’s possible to do that, but she did, so we’re giving it a shot.  We should get a call from the San Leandro Hyundai dealer today to see what sort of deal we can get, but I’m really liking the Tucson and think it would be a good solution for the family as a whole and me in particular.

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In case you were curious…

This is what I want for Christmas.

That is all, nothing more to see here, move along, move along.

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Happy Birthday Tom!

Happy Birthday Tom!

Today is my friend Tom’s birthday!  Please join me in wishing him a happy and restful day as he spends time with his family and his beloved Sharks!

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