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Why I’m using iTunes again

podcast screenshot

This is why I’m using iTunes again.  I’ve never really been into the whole podcasting thing that’s apparently sweeping the internet, but after updating iTunes to 4.9, I can see why they’re popular.  I’ve been able to head podcasts from the Al Franken Show on Sundance Channel, David Lawrence’s podcast about technology (David hosts one of my all-time favorite radio shows, Online Tonight) and a couple of other pretty cool podcasts to boot.

I’ve just started playing around with this, so I’m not totally up to speed about it yet, but am enjoying it so far.  I’m still using the Yahoo Music Engine most of the time, but it’ll be nice to upload some podcasts to my iPod for trips and the like and get some interesting stuff to listen to when I’m sick of music…  Like that’d ever happen.

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Sasser Worm Creator Sentenced

Remember the Sasser worm that came out in 2003?  Boy, I do.  It’s what caused lots of ISPs to start blocking port 135 (the port that Outlook uses to communicate with an Exchange server) and causing a HUGE pain in my ass professionally.

Anyway, the kid who created the worm that "crashed hundreds of thousands of computers" was convicted and will serve three years of probation.  If he commits another crime, he will have to serve 21 months in jail.  Oh yeah, he’s also got to do 30 hours of community service in an old-folks home or hospital.

I’m sorry, but this kid did an uncountable amount of fiscal damage to hundreds of thousands of computers and only gets three years of probation?  Jesus.

What should happen is that each person affected by his worm should have the opportunity to kick him in their body part of choice.  I call dibs on the crotch…

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London Bombings

From behind
Originally uploaded by Nicholas Shanks.

The bombings in London this morning are a tragic reminder that the world is still not a safe place.  Even with Dubya and Blair chasing down the al Queda network wherever they pop up their ugly little heads.  Whether that be in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Wait a minute, Iraq?

Anyway, my thought and well wishes go out to anyone and everyone affected by the bombings and I pray that a swift justice comes to the people responsible for this tragedy.

This picture is actually from the BBC and posted up on Flickr by Nicholas Shanks.

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Damn, Seriously?

According to Engadget, Avis Rent-A-Car is now renting out Hummer H3’s with DirecTV receivers built-into them.  Yep, you can now be big pimpin’ in your rented H3 if you pick it up at Phoenix AZ’s Sky Harbor airport (which is a pretty nice airport if I do say so myself).  It ain’t cheap though, it’ll cost you a whopping $120/day to rent.

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This is how I roll!

Dual Screens
Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

If you click on the above picture, you’ll get a glimpse into my daily life.  I’ve added notes to the more interesting things on my desktop at work.  Just put the second monitor up this afternoon after wanting to do so for months…

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Dear God…

Dear God…
Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

My boss/buddy Chris shaved his head and got his ear pierced this holiday weekend.  Here’s photographic evidence…

(By the way, this shot was posed.  Yeah…)

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Trying out this new NewsGator Plugin

Tom let me know about a NewsGator plugin that will allow me to post blog entries from Outlook, so here’s an attempt at using it.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Ted and Scary CJ

Hope you all had a great 4th weekend!  I got to spent the weekend with friends and family.  Can’t really ask for much more than that!

Saturday was Isabella’s third birthday (see previous entry) and Jen CJ and I got to visit with Tom and his wife Shelly and their son Lane this afternoon.  After visiting with them we drove to Fremont to hang out with Jen’s family.  Good times were had by all.

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TypePad, day three…

So, it’s been a mere three days working with TypePad and I can honestly say that I’m loving it.  Hell, I’m not sure what I did without it!  Sure, it costs more than what I was using (Expression Engine, I got a free subscription to it over a year ago), but the fact that I can’t accidentally delete my blog just by deleting some cache files off of the server or have to worry about running updates on the software on the server that could delete my blog.  (Both of which have happened to me.)

The interface, while a bit confusing at first, is pretty intuitive and I really enjoy the fact that I can choose a template (like the one here) that doesn’t look like everyone else’s.  (Again, if I modify the template, the worst think that can happen is that it looks bad, not delete my entire blog.)  There’s even a spell-check that I can use to make sure that I’m spelling things correctly, as log as I remember to use it…

So, thanks to Tom for helping me talk myself into it and thanks to Jamison (he works for TypePad) for desiging my template!  I’ll still be playing with this for a while longer, my next "adventure" will be in importing my old entries into this site so that I’ll have my previous history of entries.  Again, if you want to see my old entries (in a poorly-formatted site now), feel free to go here.  (It looks crappy, but all my old entries are still there until I can migrate them to this server…)

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Oh my God, so delicious!

I never wanted to drink one before because I thought that coffee and ice don’t really mix, but I’m officially in love with the Frappuccino.  I had the caramel frappuccino today and slurped it down like it was candy!  So, so good!  A perfect drink for those hot Summer days when you want caffeine, but don’t want a hot drink…

Man, what was I thinking, how did I get by without drinking this before?

**Update 8:10PM**
OK, so I tried the Mint Mocha frappuccino this evening…  Not so good.  I think I’ll stick with the caramel one.

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