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Congrats Mike and Missy!

Congratulations to Mike and Melissa Carroll on the birth of their first daughter, Amanda!  Amanda was born this afternoon at 2:36 PM,  weighs 4 lbs, 10 ozs (6 weeks premature) and is 18 inches tall.

Mommy and baby are doing well and will be spending a few days in the hospital while they make sure that Amanda is doing OK and Missy recovers from the c-section.

Congrats you two!  Can’t wait to meet the newest addition to the Pioneer Baby Club!

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Poor Old Man…

I was driving to work today and saw this old man lying crumpled on the sidewalk.  Being a good Samaritan, I pulled over and went to help him out.  There was a woman and her daughter there as well trying to help him as well.  He had tripped while taking a walk and had scraped his face up pretty good, he was bleeding all over his shirt and the ground.  I helped him to his feet and asked him if he’d like me to call an ambulance or help him get back to his home or something and he thanked me but told me he’d be able to make it back.  The woman came back from her car with a stack of Kleenex for his cuts, he was really bleeding alot by this point and he held the kleenex to his face.  He seemed ashamed when he told me that the medication he’s taking messes with his balance, he tripped over his own feet.

I spoke with him for another minute or so and another gentleman came over with a towel for him.  At that point, I asked the old gentleman if there was anything else I could do to help him out.  He sook his head and thanked me for helping him up.  "My shoulder’s not too good these days, thanks for helping me get to my feet."  I told him it was the least I could do, wished him well and drove off.

I think that the other man who gave him teh towel must have talked him into letting him drive him back to his condo or something because when I looked in my rear-view mirror, he was gone.

I hope he’s doing OK, he was bleeding pretty badly, but it didn’t look like he was going to need stitches.  Fond wishes sir, and I’m glad I could be of assistance.

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RIP James “Mr Scott” Doohan

James Doohan
Originally uploaded by TedsBlog.

James Doohan died this morning from complications of pneumonia and Alzheimer’s disease, he was 85 years old.

I was a huge fan of his character on Star Trek, he was by far my favorite character of any series.  I think Wil Wheaton said it best when he said: "Everyone who watched Star Trek liked Scotty, but everyone who met him loved Jimmy . . . I’m sure I’m not the only person today who feels like they lost a friend."

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Well sir, they were able to fix the A/C without replacing it, which is nice.  Just talked to Jen and she tells me that all is well and she and CJ are  nice and cool…

By the way, as a special note to BrainPoop, yes, that is the very same alarm clock that I spoke of lo these many months ago.

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87 Degrees at Midnight...  In my bedroom

As of midnight last night, it was 87 degrees in my bedroom.  God, I surely hope that they can get this damn thing fixed today…

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Oh Noes! **UPDATED**

Just got off the phone with Jen.  The good news is that they can fix it, the bad news is that they’re going to have to replace the motor, which is going to set us back a cool $720 and we’re going to have to wait until tomorrow late-morning for them to install the new motor.  So I guess it’s one more sweat-drenched sleepless night for us.  I’m really more concerned about CJ though as she really shouldn’t be exposed to the heat.

I guess it’s cheaper than a new A/C unit, but we’re probably going to wind up getting one of those in the not-too-distant future anyway…

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A Few Good Men via HL2

A Few Good G Men

Got this link from my buddy Q! over at Valve Software.  There’s a software development kit that you can download from them that allows you to create your own levels and whatnot using the Steam Engine.  The guy who did this one re-enacted one of my all-time favorite movie scenes using Half-Live 2 characters.  It’s the crux of the movie A Few Good Men where Tom Cruise hounds Jack Nicholson into admitting that he ordered the beating of a soldier.  You know the one, the whole "You can’t handle the truth" scene where Jack chews up the scenery?

anyway, this was expertly done by Randall Glass, whose site you can visit here.

Seriously, wow.

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Oh noes!

Jen went out to the gym last night and asked me to water the lawns while she was out.  In between watering the backyard and the fo=ront yard, the air conditioner broke.  How od I know that?  When I went to turn on the sprinklers in the back the A/C unit was spinning away.  When I wnet to turn on the front sprinklers, it was just making noises, but now spinning.



As soon as Jen got home, I let her know what was going on and she started calling A/C repair companies.  Keep in mind that this is at 8:00 at night, so no one was around to give us a time to come out. 

We slept swimming in our own sweat and Jen started calling folks first thing this morning.  She finally got in touch with a guy who can come out today betweek 4:00 and 6:00.

Good thing it’s only supposed to be 100 fucking degrees today!

Damn, glad I have a job.

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I still have 50 GMail invites…

So I logged into my GMail mailbox and noticed that I’ve got like 50 accounts that I can give away.  Want one?  Just leave a comment with your e-mail address and it’s yours.  Want a bunch of ’em?  That’s fine too…  Give one to your doggie, doggies nees unlimited email storage too you know!

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Comic Gold!

Cat in Pants

Pie + Cats in pants = Comedy Gold!

Get Fuzzy is probably my favorite comic strip now.  After Bloom County went "off the air," I ws in kind of a funk until I discovered (via my brother Erik) Get Fuzzy.

Les over at Stupid Evil Bastard also posted a Get Fuzzy strip from over the weekend depicting a Shroud of Turin-esque Mrs Butterworth…

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