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Four Liters is a lot of Water…

I’ve started up again with my doctor-recommended gallon-of-water-a-day thing to prevent kidney stones and, hopefully, to assist in my weight loss regime. I’m not doing great in my weight loss, I’ve only lost six pounds in six weeks. So, knowing that drinking a lot of water will only help my kidney stone issue (no stones in 2.5 years!) and will help me lose weight (drink water, keep your belly full, don’t feel hungry) I’ve started up again on my four liters of H20 again. That’s eight bottles of water folks, nothing to scoff at. It helps that I’ve got a 1-liter Nalgene type bottle that I’m carrying around. I figure that four of them is just over a gallon, so if I spread that out over the day, it’s easier than trying to chug down eight bottles of water. (Same volume, different container, four is less than eight…)

In Which I Delcare My Undying Love for Chai

Recently, I’ve been on a Chai Tea kick. There’s something about the warm scent and spicy flavor of the stuff. With or without milk, but always with some sugar to sweeten it up slightly, I’m really enjoying the stuff. Now, I just need to find some good Chai. I’m positive that the Tazo stuff I’m drinking pales in comparison to the real deal, straight from Asia stuff.

Any suggestions on stuff I should try? Mail order stuff, store bought stuff, whatever. I want to experience good Chai. Feel free to leave a comment with any/all suggestions, just be careful about leaving too many links or you’ll get filtered as comment spam…

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Oh my God, so delicious!

I never wanted to drink one before because I thought that coffee and ice don’t really mix, but I’m officially in love with the Frappuccino.  I had the caramel frappuccino today and slurped it down like it was candy!  So, so good!  A perfect drink for those hot Summer days when you want caffeine, but don’t want a hot drink…

Man, what was I thinking, how did I get by without drinking this before?

**Update 8:10PM**
OK, so I tried the Mint Mocha frappuccino this evening…  Not so good.  I think I’ll stick with the caramel one.

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